Final Answer Carpet Cleaner 32 oz
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USES:  Daily use carpet cleaner.  Can be used to remove stains from large areas and used as a spot and stain remover.

Directions:  Spray problem area with Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner, allow product to penetrate fibers for a few moments, product can be lightly agitated be using your fingers working the stained area. Encapsulated dirt, soil, and stains are quickly drawn to the surface to be blotted away.  Blot with an absorbant, terry type towel to lift and remove stain. (Note:  Never rub your carpet as this can do damage to the fibers)  Can also be used as a carpet shampoo, mix 2-4 oz of Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner or use the recommended mix ratio on your cleaning machine.


Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner is a 100% biodegradable carpet cleaner that makes carpet cleaning easier and safer than ever before. Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner can be used as a spot & stain remover, carpet cleaner, or a carpet shampoo. Compared to other "national brand" carpet cleaners, Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner is more versatile, safer, and easier to use making Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner a better value for you.

Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner cleans quickly without leaving any residue.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Odorless & safe to use
  • More versatile than other products
  • Leaves no residue like other cleaners
  • Will not damage carpet fibers
  • Final Answer® has earned the Seal Of Approval from the Carpet And Rug Institute
  • Use in any carpet extraction machine - including rental machines (mix 2-4 oz per gallon)
  • Item #: 10032

Final Answer® Carpet Cleaner 32 oz.

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