Jeweler's Secret Jewelry Polishing Cloth
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Our exclusive two layer Jeweler's Secret Polishing Cloth cleans and polishes gold, silver and platinum jewelry, silver plates, silver flatware, earrings, necklaces and watches. The inner (white layer) is treated to clean and polish. The outer (blue layer) is used for final buffing.

Cleaning Steps:

Step 1:  Inspection

Always inspect your jewelry for any damage.  If any damage is noticed take immediately to a professional jewelry.

Jeweler's Secret Polishing Cloth - Before Pic

Step 2:  Clean & Polish

Using the white layer, lightly rub you piece of jewelry.  Cloth will begin to turn black, this is normal.  After covering the entire piece use the outter blue layer to buff to a brilliant shine.

Step 3:  Enjoy

If additonal cleaning is necessary we recommend using Jeweler's Secret Foaming Jewelry Cleaner to remove any remaing residue.


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Jeweler's Secret Jewelry Polishing Cloth

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